Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Beginnings

Seance Lounge at Muriel's in New Orleans

Gulf Shores Friend
Evolution is necessary for all things even a humorous blog written by a disgruntled Southern author living amid a long-gone Southern way of life. In previous blogs I’ve shared funny stories, outrageous occurrences, and a few tidbits from my travels here and there.   And I’ve learned from each of you that you enjoy the eclectic and odd places and events I find myself doing.  Whether I’m down in my beloved New Orleans or trying out a new restaurant or show, what you guys like best (and secretly, so do I) are the stories and pictures I collect from my experience. And I find that the time has come to allow this blog to evolve into something much more than it was once.

So, while I’m out in the world trying new things and busily writing my edgy paranormal books, I will gather what tales I might find and share them with you right here. Books Available on Amazon

Moving Statue and me
Alabama Renaissance Faire
From this day forth let it be known that the blog formerly known as Morons, Mules and other Southern Disappointments shall be dubbed Tea Leaves, Travels, and Tapestried Tales.  And shall henceforth contain cool stories, new places, and lots of pictures.  

Please hop in and join the conversation and share your experiences too. All are welcome!