Friday, October 13, 2017

Vampires in Autumn

Hi everyone!

Although I never quite understand the mechanics of it, I have learned one simple truth that holds in my life regarding Autumn.  Everything comes back around, and everyone comes home.  There is something unspoken on the wind that urges people deep within to return, as if to hibernate, to the safety and love of their homes, and no matter how disconnected people become from their natural environment, the heavy longing that autumn brings still persists and brings all back together.

So, it might not be a surprise to you that after almost a year of struggling with covers and various other mechanics involved with indie publishing, Witch's Pawn, book two of The Binding trilogy, is finally available on Amazon. Buy Here!

The spellbinding cover art is by New Orleans' artist, Betz, and it captures (I think) the mystique and magick of New Orleans quite beautifully.

I am almost finished writing the third and final book of The Binding trilogy.  It seems fitting to wrap up my journey with my vampire royalty, Sybella and Demien, as we, once again, get ready to settle into a long winter's nap.   Since I have this hangup with wanting all of the books in certain sets to match, I will do a new cover release for The Binding very soon.  The third and final cover will be revealed right before the book is released.

Thank you to all of you who stuck with me during this long, seemingly never-ending wait.  I do so hope you will join Sybella and Demien once more as they continue to delve deeper into what it means for vampires to be bound together.  All of their friends return and a few new ones join them on their quest.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Adventures Unplanned

Not a reader, Calliope is waiting for the movie release.

Mr. Meowgi helps me
As the leaves begin to turn a rusted shade of brown, and the breeze finally ushers in a hint of the cool air that promises the arrival of autumn, I finally have some good news to share! The final cover for Witches' Pawn will be ready the first of September! This means that just as we start to plan for apple cider and pumpkin dreams, my new book, Witches' Pawn, will, at long last, be available.  As many of you know, I have had quite some difficulty with the covers for The Binding trilogy, and now that artist, Jenni Higginbotham is on board, everything is coming together.  I'm really excited to share her work with all of you.  

Now, what has this writer been doing in the meantime? Writing the third book, of course.  The first draft will be finished sometime this fall.  

Also, I've set up another freebie download weekend. Almost all of my previously released books will be available on Amazon to download for free September 1st through September 5th!

And along the way, I have encountered a few unplanned adventures as well!

I made friends with a goat.
On the 4th of July, I discovered a wee faery stage door.

As a gypsy, I spent an evening with a ghost.

I rocked out with Queen and Adam Lambert.

 Enjoyed somber tones of John Paul White.

Worked on a few gifts and custom orders for my Etsy shop and enjoyed the semi-unveiling of the Purple Parlour Apothecary.  (The all-purpose healing salve is my favorite.)

Witnessed a total eclipse.

And visited Niagara Falls.

Hardly anything has gone as planned with the release of Witches' Pawn. I had planned on it being in your hands almost a year ago.  Life has a way of throwing curve balls, and yet, in this instance, I think all is unfolding just as it should.  I can't wait to do the cover reveal and give you a release date.  In the meantime, I will continue writing and adventuring, always striving to try something new.  

What have you all been up to this summer?  Let me know in the comments.

Don't forget the freebie weekend.  September 1-5!

Love and Light to you all.

Monday, June 5, 2017

When Authors, Vampires, and Witches Descend Upon New Orleans For a Party!

Happy Summer, everyone!

One Happy Birthday Girl
While some "well-worth-the-waiting" cover art is being finalized for my next book, Witches’ Pawn,( the second follow-up in my three-part book series, The Binding), I’ve been diligently writing away on this third final book.

Recently, I was treated by two amazing women who thoughtfully gifted me with an ultimate surprise birthday trip to New Orleans.

Alys and me
Why New Orleans?  A party, of course! Alys Arden, Fellow Authoress, hosted a book release party for her newest book, The Romeo Catchers, and the evening was a bitingly-good time.  For a few hours, I had the chance to "fan-girl" unabashedly as we toured the Ursuline Convent, an important old setting in both her books, The Casquette Girls and The Romeo Catchers, and maybe even more wonderful than that, I met a lot of really interesting people and gained a few new friends who love many of the same things that I do.

Courtyard of Beauregard-Keyes House
(Not my picture--we were there in the evening)
This impromptu trip garnered an armload of useful writer tidbits and provided plenty of Louisiana "mojo" that will definitely influence my upcoming pages .This well-attended book-release party was held in the Beauregard-Keyes House in New Orleans right across the street from the convent on Rue Chartres, being once owned by author, Frances Parkinson Keyes, who published over 50 books, many of them being written at this well-preserved home in the French Quarter. Another writing incident occurred while I was merrily devouring a divine luncheon of Sweet Corn and Crab Bisque at the Chartres House restaurant. Beneath a red umbrella that shaded us in the rear courtyard, I soon discovered that our table was within arms reach of a beautiful fountain. Our great waiter, Tevan, explained to us that the fountain had once been a small swimming pool, instead, and that it had been a well-known hang out/haunt of the writer Tennessee Williams, who used to spend his time, long ago, possibly in the same spot I was sitting that day, writing poolside.  I can only wish that surely some of those excellent "writer vibes" from both historic locations and these two revered writers has seeped a little into my veins a bit.

Add caption
While in New Orleans, I did find a little time to conduct a little more research for book three (of The Binding trilogy), as well, and found myself meandering and exploring with my two companions inside the Voodoo Museum and then in a few other eccentric "found-only-in-New Orleans" stops.

Sign inside of Potions, a speak-easy vamp bar
Since my return, inspiration has me writing non-stop.  New Orleans always does this to me, infusing my thoughts and increasing my creativity meter to huge proportions until I have trouble transcribing onto paper all the words that are floating around in my head.

Love Potion #9 from Potions
The next blog will be about the release of Witches’ Pawn.  Stay tuned for special announcements!

And a HUGE thank you to the two women who facilitated the coup of the century! A sneak attack voyage worthy of Pirate-status acknowledgement and admiration! Here's a vial of Love Potion #9 for you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love and Light in the New Year

Daffodils in Winter
Promise of Spring

While February gets underway, I’ve been setting up the building blocks for all the things I want to accomplish and do this year.

The Binding: Witches’ Pawn, the second installment of The Binding trilogy which takes place in New Orleans, is being edited.  The book cover is being created by the amazingly talented artist, Synque White, and I am busy structuring and writing the conclusion. This book series is, for lack of a better description, my baby.  I want so desperately for readers to feel, smell, taste and know New Orleans through my characters and words that I continue to research and make additions and changes even after having the entire story plotted out.

Also, while working on the second book, I discovered some formatting errors and small faux pas throughout The Binding (Book 1), so I’ve also been working to correct that for future readers.

There are other exciting things going on in my world.  I’m teaching myself how to make jewelry and will soon be adding different pieces to my Etsy store along with other creations I’ve been working on lately.

Credit to Photographer
And perhaps, even more exciting than that is a project that I’m only helping with on the sidelines.  My mother, a budding Herbologist and firm-believer in all things natural, has began building her apothecary so that she can offer the chemical-free, healing and beauty products she has been concocting at home for quite some time to everyone on the Etsy store.

Do you have anything you want to accomplish this year?  Tell me down in the comments!

I will share more as these things come together throughout the year.  Until next time, love and light to you all.