Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love and Light in the New Year

Daffodils in Winter
Promise of Spring

While February gets underway, I’ve been setting up the building blocks for all the things I want to accomplish and do this year.

The Binding: Witches’ Pawn, the second installment of The Binding trilogy which takes place in New Orleans, is being edited.  The book cover is being created by the amazingly talented artist, Synque White, and I am busy structuring and writing the conclusion. This book series is, for lack of a better description, my baby.  I want so desperately for readers to feel, smell, taste and know New Orleans through my characters and words that I continue to research and make additions and changes even after having the entire story plotted out.

Also, while working on the second book, I discovered some formatting errors and small faux pas throughout The Binding (Book 1), so I’ve also been working to correct that for future readers.

There are other exciting things going on in my world.  I’m teaching myself how to make jewelry and will soon be adding different pieces to my Etsy store along with other creations I’ve been working on lately.

Credit to Photographer
And perhaps, even more exciting than that is a project that I’m only helping with on the sidelines.  My mother, a budding Herbologist and firm-believer in all things natural, has began building her apothecary so that she can offer the chemical-free, healing and beauty products she has been concocting at home for quite some time to everyone on the Etsy store.

Do you have anything you want to accomplish this year?  Tell me down in the comments!

I will share more as these things come together throughout the year.  Until next time, love and light to you all.


  1. I got the idea from one of my clients that instead of resolutions for the new year, I would focus on a word. My word this year is experience. What started last year as what I thought would be a rare venture to the symphony, has turned into a cultural, social, and enlightened personal journey that has created so many good memories and positive neural pathways that have enriched my life. This year I plan to experience as many things that I can with as many friends that I can because what is a life if you can't share with those you love. Music promises to be a big part of it. Travel too. The beginning and end game of several different plans will happen this year and I plan to drag along as many friends to experience with me as I can. Including a stubborn bull as soon as I can pull her hooves out of the dirt. This year, "no" isn't much of an option.

    1. The "word" idea is similar to the vision boards that I create every year. The vision boards help me focus on what I want to accomplish and keep me from getting distracted by the fodder that filters through everyone's lives daily.

  2. Victoria, dearest, May I wish you a heart-felt congratulations on your most recent book accomplishment, The Binding: Witches’ Pawn. I believe that the world will embrace this incredibly well-written book series, because it positively tastes, smells, mystifies and feels exactly like New Orleans. Your eternal love for the Crescent City oozes from the pages! The research you are now conducting for the final book in the series has my enraptured attention, (I admire your bravery!) and I am so looking forward to reading the third installment when you have it completed. Writing is definitely your calling, writing about New Orleans is your second calling, and I am happy to be on the sidelines of your creativity! I believe it was in the dusty Bible that says ”Knock and the door shall be opened”(Matthew 7:7), or maybe it was Elvis (from Welcome to my World lyrics)~(sorry...you know they kinda look the same),,,Surely with all your hard work and enthusiasm, your dearest wish/dream is just a moment away...THIS could be your year!!!

    Visions of the future in board form (or just a list of written down intentions) guide and lead us all to our place of ultimate arrival. Time is a brief commodity for us all, (as I have been reminded of so recently with the death of a very dear one) so my goals for this new year are already taking form. Pressed for time, I find myself striving harder. My focus has become much more concentrated in regards as to how I expend my energies, removing obstacles and certain people from my daily intake (I am no longer a sounding board, entertainment coordinator or sometimes-friend for anyone) I now place my tolerance at a different level of perspective than before, so that I may focus on tangibles that are on the same path as my goals. I have already achieved more than one desire from my Board of Intention this year, and am moving full-steam ahead towards others. As far as the “word” idea, I first recall that idea being shared by Liz Gilbert from the Eat, Pray Love days (2006)...I think having a word that guides your goals is great, but a word is not my goal...maybe it just describes how I will arrive…...jubilantly.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. The Binding trilogy has become something of a work of heart for me rather than simply a body of fiction.

      I, too, am focusing on how I expend my energies these days while I strive to reach my lofty goals. And if I were to use one word to describe how I will arrive, I believe I would say I'm working on that, too. Before I've always been a bit like the Clan Fraser motto (Outlander) "Je suis prest." or rather "I am ready." Always ready to meet whatever is thrown at me head-on and with courage, and while I hope to maintain that particular strength, I'd like my new word or words for how I will arrive to be...at peace.

      For I will continue to meet any thing thrown at me, but I will no longer allow those things to dictate my response. I will remain...at peace.