Thursday, November 17, 2016

November Moon and Samurai Swords

Super Moon November 2016

In the last couple of weeks, I've been busy scribbling as fast as my little fingers will move to finish up The Binding: Witches' Pawn.  I'm almost there. I can feel it in my bones, and I can't wait.  Soon, I will start working with my cover artist, the amazing Synque, to create the perfect cover that keeps within the feel of The Binding and alludes to the action to come. If you've not yet read The Binding, my New Orleans vampire novel, just follow the link! Available Here

I'm also working hard to make Christmas items and fill custom orders through my Etsy shop. If you are hoping to gift someone a unique gift for the holidays, please stop by my little store. Here

Samurai suit

Outside of Frist Center
In the meantime, adventures abound. At the very beginning of the month, we visited the Frist Center to enjoy The Way of Samurai exhibit. While there, we made very cool, totally adult origami Samurai hats and watched the coolest rhythmic display ever!

Matsuriza Taiko Drummers

Stevie Nicks
Credit to Photographer

And on one magical night, to celebrate my mom's birthday, we saw Stevie Nicks in concert.  Yes, it was amazing!

Hot Air Balloon guiding
us on an Autumn journey
Holidays are coming up fast now, and there is much to be done. Crafts and gifts must be created.  Merriment must be had.  And above all, the wheel of the year has finally spun around to that peaceful, perfect time of year where I can curl up and write with a cat cuddling at my side and a steaming mug of tea. 

How is your November going so far?  Just leave me a comment down below!


Samurai Hat


  1. Replies
    1. Why, thank you. It was made from very ancient and powerful construction paper and colored duct tape!

  2. Wow! It looks like someone is having a pretty amazing November so far! I'm glad to see that you're having so much fun, but...where is MY samurai hat?!?!?!

    I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm excited to hear that the second installment of The Binding is so close!!! However, I will continue to wait exceedingly impatiently.

    1. I can totally make you a Samurai Hat! We just need a big piece of black paper and things to decorate it with!

      Hang in there. You won't have to wait much longer. I am almost finished with the second book!

  3. What a museum to visit! I wish we had something like that in Buffalo! I can't wait for Witches' Pawn!! Happy writing!

    1. Maybe we can find something fun like this to get into the next time you are down!

  4. Yes!! That sounds like a great idea! You may lose your hat if I see it though! Lol!

    1. I can see that I should buy stock in large black paper. Who knew this Origami hats would be such a hit!!