Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October Shenanigans

Hello all!!!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the month of October is my favorite time of the year.  At my house, we go all out embracing Halloween and the changes of the season with the joyous exuberance that one usually hears about at Yule and Christmastime.  

For almost two months we decorated our yard in anticipation of visitors and spooks.  Daily, we came up with new little areas of Halloween fun, while we simultaneously tucked back more ideas for next year. The goings- on were numerous, and you'll find below the shenanigans I fell into:

Painted Raven Wings
Autumn Cloak Back
Autumn Cloak Front

First, we needed costumes!  Yes, costumes!!!  The Renaissance Faire falls on the fourth weekend of October every year.  So, not only does one need a spooky outfit for trick or treat night, one also needs an outfit of magical proportions for Faire-going. I made three costumes this year.  1) Painted Raven wings - seen above. 2) An Autumn Faery cloak made with over 2,000 leaves not including the three in my hair. 3) Medusa - complete with a head turned to stone and a crown of golden snakes.
Medusa in the graveyard
My golden crown of snakes almost disappears in the nature background.

When the day arrived, the breezy, sun-filled weather could not have been more perfect on Faire day. Joined by friends for a few blissful hours, we were transported back into times long remembered and much missed.
A Gathering of Rennies

Wood Lathing
Merry Meet

Here are a few of my pictures from this year's Renaissance faire.

2016 Monarchy
Our new Bagpiper

Trick or Treat Table

Then, Halloween weekend arrived. This year the neighborhood got together and put on a Halloween hayride event for the kids (and adults too.)  All down our road, neighbors prepared for the haunting evening. Screams and delighted laughter echoed throughout the hills.  

Candlelit Cemetery
Dancing Witches

Loreena McKennitt 2016
And would you believe it?  My October was about to get even better!!! On October 30th, one night before Halloween, I got to see the number one artist on my bucket list, Loreena McKennitt!!!  For many, many years her voice has inspired my writing and my life, and her performance seared her voice permanently into my soul.

Finally, as Samhain night arrived, we ended our magical October with brightly lit candles honoring our ancestors long passed and a couple of carved pumpkins!  Hoping your October was a magical as mine.  Drop me a comment to tell me how you celebrated! 
Louis by our Halloween pumpkins


  1. You did a great job capturing in your blog this month's Autumnal activities! So much creativity and laughter! Wish the "magic" of the garden at Samhain twilight showed up a little more clearly in the darker photos. I can only describe it as being like the first lighting of the Yule tree...only more mystical and spookier! Loved spending time with all our dear friends and we made some new ones, too! Loreena's voice blanketed the winding down of the entire month of October, putting to bed the drying leaves, and I will never forget how clear and perfect her lovely voice rang through the grand hall. So happy to share these golden times with you and our dear friends and now....Hello, November!!!!

    1. Thank you. I like sharing the magic with everyone else! It seems that all of us are always getting into something unique and fun.